In 2006, I realized a continuous thread throughout my work is the goal to mobilize acts of positive change. Soon thereafter, I wrote The Gentle Revolution Manifesto. It articulates the values reflected in all of my paintings and painted sculptures. Beyond engaging viewers with lush visual experiences, my work aims to catalyze social change through positive ideology. Through my art, my voice as an activist is present.

In 2008, The Gentle Revolution served as a central theme guiding an initial collaborative exhibition in Portland, Oregon. This spurred subsequent group and solo exhibitions in Boston and Seattle. I continue searching for opportunities that will facilitate The Gentle Revolution as a traveling exhibition, with the intention of engaging communities in cities across North America and globally.

Within collaborative exhibitions of The Gentle Revolution, my work is curated with works by other artists that are resonant with the manifesto. Each iteration brings together the venue, exhibiting artists, viewers, and the community within an exchange of ideas and information, becoming an inspiring example of The Gentle Revolution in action.