Oregon born Remedios Rapoport is a Pacific Northwest artist working from her Portland studio. In 1988 Rapoport began a study of Filete Porteño from the masters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After receiving her BFA degree in 1989 from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, she continued utilizing Filete within her paintings and sculptures. With support from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland, Oregon her work has been collected and exhibited in national and international museums and galleries. Exhibitions have taken her work to communities including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires.

Working as a sign painter and muralist propelled her career with funding and skill building projects that allowed her to develop new ways to be a painter. Her fine art paintings began to develop into dimensional wall sculptures and kinetic sculptures, combining letter forms, pictorials and found objects, as Word Portraits became a description for the new art form.