This Way to the First-Ever Show of Women Sign Painters

The Pre-Vinylette Society at the Chicago Art Department is an inspiring exhibition with a vibrant display of over 60 women sign painters from nine countries around the world.


Columbia Chronicle

Sign Painter Exhibit Shows Off Women’s Handiwork

Artist Remedios Rapoport's Gentle Revolution Mobile Installation hangs from the ceiling in the Chicago Art Department in a gallery for women sign painters.



Portland State will also get in on the action, with several Design Week events promoted by the university. The PSU graphic design department’s Show and Tell series will feature designer Faythe Levine at the Art Building on Thursday, Oct. 11. On Friday, Design Week will join with the graphic design department to host a sign painting workshop led by local artist Remedios Rapoport.

Rapoport is a Portland-based fine artist and sign painter with over 30 years of experience. She explained that her workshop will focus particularly on hand lettering in sign painting.

“Students will be able to take home knowledge and materials for the continued practice of sign painting,” Rapoport said. “They’ll come away with a greater understanding of what it takes to create hand-painted sign work, and what the layers of communication are within sign work as an art form. We’ll also look at how colors and shapes can join with cultural or historical references to communicate qualities and emotions within sign art.”


Fosters Art Scene

Foster’s art scene has a pulse. It has for a while. Look no further than the two art galleries that have opened in the last year (with a third to open in the near future), the murals that abound on Foster, and the weekly craft night at Bar Carlo (that is now eight years strong). The evidence is there. And we want to share. Over the coming months we plan to bring Foster’s sometimes hidden, and sometimes obvious-but-overlooked art scene to the forefront. Today, FosterPowellPDX contributor, Lindsay Beeson, introduces us to neighborhood artist, Remedios Rapoport.