Portland Love Show 2018
to Mar 12

Portland Love Show 2018

Ford Gallery presents: Return of the Love Show After a 6 year break, the Ford Gallery dusts off The Love Show! A show about love! Not just the sappy Hallmark kind of love, but love in all its many forms: The good, the bad and yes, even the ugly!

OPENING PARTY! February 3rd 2018 6 pm to 11 pm

featuring live music & performances Bar & Pot-luck, Clothing drive for Transition Projects http://www.tprojects.org The Portland Love show seeks to shine some light on the complicated disco ball that is love, dark facets and all. With the greeting card/florist/jewelry/chocolate conspiracy focusing so much attention (and cash) on romance and sex every February, we aim to create a visual dialogue about love in its many incarnations and interpretations, be it self-love, sorrow, lust, confusion, hope, bitterness, gentleness, deception, romance, imagination, jealousy, true love, young love, love lost, parental, filial, adversarial love, the surrounding abundance of love or love as the unknown….

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to Sep 30

The Pre-Vinylette Society: An International Showcase of Women Sign Painters, Chicago Sept. 8, 2017

The Pre-Vinylette Society: An International Showcase of Women Sign Painters, has invited me to participate in this month long show featuring over 60 women sign painters from 9 different countries at the Chicago Art Department.

Chicago show link: http://www.previnylitesociety.com/current-upcoming-exhibitions

My Gentle Revolution Mobile Installation will be a large central piece taking advantage of the 20 foot high cieling space of the gallery advocating for people to make healthy change with positive ideas. Two new panels will bring some new Word Portrait messages to the pubilic for this installation. A companion piece will also be on the wall in solidarity with work of the other women sign painters this exhibition celebrates.

I have a GoFundMe site for donations to help with the expenses of my travel and shipping costs to do this installation and celebration in Chicago. Any amount of donation will help a lot as it all adds up. I am greatful for all the folks who support my art as it gives economic aid while supporting my morale for continued work.

GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/remedios-rapoport-chicago-art-show

Print sales are also a great way to give financial support and share the ideas and images of my work to more people. I have a link on my Print Sales page.


Much love to you all...Live/Love!

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